We are a collective of wedding photographers that are dedicated to learning hard and having fun while we do it. Embark is one part education, one part luxury portfolio building and one part luxury retreat.....we're not your average styled shoot!

The week will be hands on photography learning while in class time. No topic is off limits. We will cover everything under the sun (pun intended) to dive into running a more successful and profitable photography business back home. You'll also have time dedicated to recharging your batteries. Creative business owners work 24/7, we get it.  

Embark: A Destination Photography Workshop Retreat


OCTOBER 5-9th, 2020 (MON-FRI)
5 days 4 nights at a private villa
zihuatanejo, Mexico

A Luxury Workshop with Destination Styled shoots

Want to break into the high-end destination wedding world but can't figure out how?

Need direction and clarity in your photography business?

Feel tired of attending so-so workshops and conferences that only leave you feeling inundated with information and more overwhelmed than before? 

Craving actionable next steps that will allow them to run a business, instead of letting a business run them.

Do you:

Learn from an award-winning international wedding photographer in daily small, hands-on workshops

Leave with an action plan to implement the new knowledge & skills you’ve gained to amplify your business

Join a supportive, collaborative community of like-minded photographers

Perfect your craft and leave with curated images reflective of your particular style --we’ve all heard about those workshops where you get the exact same images as all the other attendees, right? no thanks!-- to launch your international wedding portfolio

You CAN make the dream of becoming an international wedding photographer a reality

And you don’t have to figure it out on your own! 

At the Embark Retreat you’ll:

The bonus? Doing all that while taking time out a nap in a hammock, grabbing a cocktail poolside, or relaxing and reading a book at our privately rented villa on the Pacific coast of Mexico. 

It’s the ultimate refresh for both you and your business.


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Free resource:

The Ultimate Gear Tips For Destination Wedding Photographer 

EMBARK Photography Retreat:

A luxury learning adventure for wedding photographers.

It's one part education, one part portfolio building, one part luxury retreat. 

...we’re not your average styled shoot.  

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Hi There!  I'm your host, Jessica!

Jessica Frey 

It's Nice to Meet You!

Hey! I'm Jessica Frey (Fri, not Fray), a full time professional wedding photographer and travel addict. I'm a native Austinite, Aggie, USMC wife, mom to a 5-year-old and our local chapter leader for The Rising Tide Society!   
In the past 12 years, I've built an independent and healthy business that lets me travel all over the world and during certain seasons of life has even supported my family. In that time I've invested in myself and my business and have taught 8 styled wedding photography workshops in Texas, California, Mexico and the Carribean (Grand Cayman Island). 
I know this industry and keep up with its quirks, marketing strategies and fast pace changes. Between my BBA degree specializing in Marketing and real-life experience, I’m obsessed with sharing my knowledge to guide other photographers in becoming not only better at their craft, but successful in running their business. Taking photos is only half the fun, in order to have a successful and profitable business you have to invest in yourself and your education.
I’m a natural born cheerleader (hello, #7 Enneagram!) so starting an educational retreat to help fellow photographers escape for education, relaxation and the chance to build their destination wedding photography portfolio was a no-brainer. I’m also frequently asked to mentor photographers on how to get destination weddings and what to do when you do book one! Traveling internationally can be daunting and I want to prepare you to grow that side of your business! 
I hope you’ll join me and I can’t wait to cheer you on your photography journey! 


As a new photographer back in 2008, I went to a lot of workshops and conferences soaking in everything related to photography. After years of experience and education, I KNOW two things for a fact:
#1: There’s a huge advantage of in-person workshops when we create friendships and relationships with attendees and educators
#2: We can’t create, build, or grow when we’re feeling burnt out, pulling too many late nights editing, and overlooking self-care. 
We’re in an industry that sits in front of an isolated computer more hours of the day than we care to admit. Although computer work (editing, emails, etc) is necessary- I believe the most exponential growth for your business is done away from the screen.  
I want to pull you away from the traditional classroom to foster real friendships, photography "co-workers" and seek sources of cultural inspiration outside of a murky hotel conference room.  
At Embark, we believe:

1. There’s no better way to build friendships than by building memories together, exploring a new country and learning from each other
2. Creating time to flex between vacation and learning allows more effective education time to absorb and dream
3. Feeling fresh and inspired wakes up your brain functions and gives you a healthy perspective to set goals and recharge your creative batteries
4. Being spoiled can be a good thing! We work so hard for ourselves and our clients and a little relaxation can go a long way for entrepreneurial self care.
More than anything, at Embark we believe you need more than a trip.
You need a creative, cultural, and mental re-fresh. More than spa day (although you can totally take one of those at the villa!) Embark is your reset to jump back into your business with the right tools, supportive community, and fresh emotional head to lead your business to a solid shooting year.

I started Embark
 for you...

Adventurous learning

Zihuatenajo, Mexico • October 2020


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